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This unique site is designed to facilitate the individual learning needs of Canadian cataract surgeons. It is both a place of open exchange and a place for self-tailored, ongoing education. We invite you to explore our resources and take full advantage of the CCI's original programs and forums.

Who We Are

The Canadian Cataract Institute (CCI) is a peer-driven organization that aims to serve cataract surgeons in their daily work. The Institute was created under the guidance of a planning committee of leading cataract surgeons from across the country. Led by Medical Director Ike Ahmed, the Institute was launched based on a comprehensive needs analysis identifying critical gaps in Continuing Education opportunities for the practicing cataract surgeon.

The CCI web portal serves as a gateway to the institute and benefits the busy practicing professional by providing a one-stop space for cataract surgery educational programs and resources.


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Dr. Ike Ahmed
Medical Director | Mississauga, ON

Dr. Steve Arshinoff
Editor at Large | North York, ON

Dr. Patrick Gooi
Digital Communications/Social Media Director | Calgary, AB

Steering Committee

Dr. Ron Baldassare
Kelowna, BC

Dr. Jit Gohill
Calgary, AB

Dr. Colin G. Mann
Bridgewater, NS

Dr. Theodore Rabinovitch
Downsview, ON

Dr. Amandeep Rai
Toronto, ON

Dr. Guillermo Rocha
Brandon, MB



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